Agility classes and private lessons available at an air-conditioned training facility near Rock Hill, SC on Mondays and Thursdays, and other times by appointment.  If interested in joining my Monday andThursday night classes, please friend me on FB and join my training group, TipTop Training (agility training with Susan Mann).  I love teaching beginners, and helping new people get started, as well as helping current competitors fine tune their training and teamwork.

Mondays 2-3 and 3-4, Coursework for teams competing, or getting ready to compete.  Susan will have courses of differing levels of difficulty, and help each team figure out how to manage the course, and identify training holes.

Thursdays at 4:30, Foundations to help each team get a good start.  We'll work on mastering the different obstacles, and work on basic handling to help you get the dog through short sequences.

Thursday at 5;45, Skills and Sequences.  Learning more handling, and getting the dog around longer sequences, breaking courses down and then putting them together so you and the dog can handle full courses.

Thursdays at 7 or 7:15 are various topics that are signed up for in advance.  Past topics have included Control Unleashed (a popular choice, and Susan is a CCUI), Contacts and Weaves Fix-it, Jumping, and Coursework.

"I tried 4 other methods to teach Charlotte to weave, and she just didn't get it, until I worked with Susan.  Now Charlotte loves the weaves, and she can hit almost any entry, and does 12 poles in 3 seconds."  Sheila Jones and Charlotte