TipTop Training can help you have fun with your dog!

Having a dog can be fun and rewarding! What kind of life do you want with your dog?

Is life with your dog easy?  Or do you have challenges? We can help you and your dog develop the communication and relationship skills to live together peacefully and happily.  And we can help you have FUN with your dog!

 Contact us to find out how we can help you!

text 704 928 5131, or email susanmannrn@gmail.com to find out how we can help you!

Serving Iredell and Catawba counties in NC around the Mooresville, Statesville, Hickory triangle, and York County in SC.  If you'd like help outside of this area, please feel free to contact me for referrals, or for services with an additional drive time fee.

TipTop Training is committed to inclusivity.  We love to work with people of all nationalities and ethnicities and religions, as well as LGBTQIA, and people with disabilities/differently abled.    Reduced program costs may be available on a limited basis for those needing assistance (I still have to make a living!) for BIPOC and PWD.

"I have been Susan's veterinarian for many years, and this i know.  she is absolutely committed to her dogs...susan understands operant and classical learning paradigms, and how to apply them successfully to dog training.  she will work at least as hard as you do to help you achieve your training goals with your dog."  

 Dr Jane barber